University Speaker and Poster Presentations Assignments List

Due via submission online by October 2, 2019
How to submit an abstract/paper: visit the conference website, on the menu, choose abstract then choose speaker or poster.  Read the basic instructions and download the example abstract/paper (Microsoft Word Document Only, NO PDF’S). Follow the link on this page to begin your speaker/poster abstract/paper.  All abstracts/papers must be submitted using the website (not by email).
2019 Speaker Presentations 2019 Poster Presentations
Nebraska-Lincoln University of Illinois
Ontario Kentucky
South Dakota Michigan
Southern Illinois Missouri
Indiana Purdue North Dakota
Kansas Wisconsin
Ohio Pennsylvania
Topics of Interest Based on Evaluation Comments
  • Fertilizer placement comparisons,
  • Soil N mineralization,
  • Impact of compaction on soil fertility,
  • Soil parent materials impacts on soil fertility
  • Soil pH and micronutrient availability,
  • N fixation in cover crop systems,
  • Positive and negatives of cover crops
  • Comparisons of “new” soil test methods,
  • Quick assessments of soil biology,
  • Soil heath metrics
  • Potassium research in cropping systems,
  • Correcting sulfur deficiencies,
  • Zinc application in cropping systems,
  • Crop genetic and soil fertility interactions