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Proceedings Guidelines

Instructions for Authors Preparing Summary Papers
  • Summary papers must be uploaded by 15 OCT 2020 to be published in the conference proceedings.
  • One or more authors of a paper must be registered for the conference by 1 NOV 2020 for it to be included in the conference proceedings.
  • Papers not meeting these requirements will not be included in the conference proceedings.
Please use this document for specific guidelines. 

Poster Tool Training

Need help creating your presentation poster using the Poster Tool?  View the instructions archive below to find the right How-to video to assist you in your poster design. 
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide

This videos quickly follows the steps needed to access the Poster Tool and gives a quick overview of the features and functions.

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How to Start your Poster
How to Start your Poster

Starting your presentation poster is quick and simple to do. Follow the steps in this video to learn how to gain access to poster building tools

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On-Demand Training Session
On-Demand Training Session

Were you unable to attend the live training session? Or you just need to see once more how a building process was completed? You can view the live-training session right here!

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