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Promoting Adoption of Precision Nitrogen Management Technologies Through On-farm Research
L. Thompson, L. Puntel, T. Mieno, J. Iqbal, B. Maharjan, J. Luck, S. Norquest, J. Guilherme Cesario Pereira Pinto, C. Uwineza
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network helps farmers evaluate products and practices that impact the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of their operations. There are many technologies that have potential to increase nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) on corn and winter wheat but typically these technologies have low adoption. At the same time, farmers have technologies such as GPS, yield monitors, and variable-rate application equipment on their farmers that enables them to easily conduct on-farm research to evaluate new technologies and products. Participating farmers evaluated commercially available nitrogen management technologies across Nebraska and their impact on yield, profit, and NUE. We enable farmer's hands-on experience with technologies that are relevant for their operation and promote technology adoption. We also collect field data to validate and improve the technology tested. 40 trials are established each year in the three year project. We utilize an innovative experimental design combining traditional strip trials with small N plots where all treatments are established with variable-rate fertilizer equipment on-the-go. An automated data processing tool was developed for data processing, analysis, and reporting. 98% of the experiments were successfully established in the first year of the study and 90% were analyzed using the automatic process. To measure impact, grower incremental changes and adoption are documented. 

Keyword: nitrogen, precision, digital, on-farm, sensor, model, extension, industry
L. Thompson    L. Puntel    T. Mieno    J. Iqbal    B. Maharjan    J. Luck    S. Norquest    J. Guilherme cesario pereira pinto    C. Uwineza    State Poster    Poster    2022